Biboumi 2.0

I just released biboumi 2.0.

You can download it on the official website, and view the full changelog, but I’ll explain what usefull changes this feature includes.

Raw commands

It is now possible to send raw IRC commands to the server. This is useful for example when biboumi, or your XMPP client, doesn’t support a specific feature.

You can for example send a message like

WHOIS Johnny

to the JID, to whois a user.

Of course you could do everything with this feature (like send messages using the PRIVMSG command), but you need to know the IRC protocol a little bit. biboumi does not check if the entered command is valid or not, so you should be careful when using it.

Better notices

If you send a message to some user (let's say you want to identify, by sending a message to NickServ), the following NOTICES that user will send to you will be forwarded as private messages to you, instead of a server message, as it was done before. NickServ's responses will now appear in the conversation where you're sending your commands.

Joining key-protected channels

You can now join channels that have the +k mode set, just by specifying a password using your XMPP client.

Fixed IRC server

Biboumi’s administrator can configure it to allow its users to only access one single IRC server. When this mode is used, a JID like is equivalent to

Read the documentation regarding the fixed_irc_server configuration option for more details.