Biboumi 7.0

Biboumi 7.0 was just released.

You can download it on the official website, and view the full changelog.

New features

PostgreSQL support

The most important feature is the support for PostgreSQL as a database backend. Previously, biboumi admins were only able to store the data (archives, user preferences, etc) in a Sqlite3 database. With version 7.0, they can now use PostgreSQL if they prefer too.

Refer to db_name’s documentation to understand how to use PostgreSQL with biboumi, and the changelog if you want tips on how to migrate your data from Sqlite3 to PostgreSQL.

This feature has been (financially) sponsored by Andrey Utkin, motivated by Jeff Baitis, a faithful biboumi and user. Thanks to both of them.

Bug fixes

Other than that, it’s only a few bug fixes

For the future

The roadmap for version 8 is not yet entirely decided, but I might add support for auto-rejoining persistent room when the server disconnects us (ping timeout, or that kind of things). See the milestone for version 8.0 which will get updated with new feature requests, new bugs etc. And of course, don’t forget to hang out in biboumi’s XMPP chatroom: